MAGIRT 2018 Webinar Series

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MAGIRT 2018 Webinar Series




MAGIRT 2018 Webinar Series: “Building Geospatial Communities”


MAGIRT proudly presents a series of webinars for anyone interested in maps, GIS, and building a geospatial community at their campus. These webinars are topical and focused on providing practical knowledge about current issues and trends. This year our webinar series will provide an introduction for getting started on creating a geospatial data discovery and preservation solution at your institution or organization, learn more about the Nimble Tents toolkit and leverage it to start up you own Mapathon, and learning more about how the New York Public Library is leading the way in developing digital tools for genealogical and community oriented research.

Each webinar can be viewed by itself but we encourage that you attend all three if you can. To that end a discount will be offered if you purchase all three.

Webinars are free for all MAGIRT members. This is the perfect opportunity to become a member and attend all the webinars.

All materials for webinars will be posted online afterwards.

Webinar 1

Geospatial Data Projects: Getting Started and Keeping Momentum


This webinar is designed to be an introduction to starting and maintaining a geospatial data discovery and preservation solution. While we focus on the work of the GeoBlacklight software and community, we talk about strategies for communicating the overall vision and needs for GIS data preservation and discovery, established best practices for metadata creation and management, and ways for engaging with the library community and beyond.

Day: May 3rd, 2018 Start Time: 4pm EST
End Time: 5pm EST
Time Zones: EST

Speakers:Andrew Battista and Ryan Mattke

Andrew Battista is the Librarian for Geospatial Information Systems at New York University, where he facilitates GIS data collections and access. He has taught classes on data visualization and the politics of information.

Ryan Mattke is the Map & Geospatial Information Librarian at the University of Minnesota and the Project Lead for the Big Ten Academic Alliance Geospatial Data Project.

Webinar 2

Hold a mapathon and build a community of mappers! An introduction to the Nimble Tents Toolkit and OSM.


This webinar will introduce participants to the Nimble Tents Toolkit, a set of resources developed to help librarians and others participate and hold mapathons quickly and easily.

Day: May 9th Start Time: 4pm EST
End Time: 5pm EST

Speakers: Zoe Borovsky, Alex Gil, and Andy Rutkowski

Zoe Borovksy is UCLA’s Librarian for Digital Research and Scholarship, where she works within the Collections, Research, and Instructional Services department as a liaison to the Digital Humanities Program, and the Anthropology department.

Alex Gil is Digital Scholarship Coordinator for the Humanities and History Division and Affiliate Faculty of the English and Comparative Literature Department at Columbia University. He serves as a consultant to faculty, students and the library on the impact of technology on humanities research, pedagogy and scholarly communications .

Andy Rutkowski is the Visualization Librarian at the University of Southern California Libraries. He works with faculty and students to find and use data and other resources for making maps and visualizations.

Webinar 3

Genealogical Research with Maps at The New York Public Library


This presentation will discuss how genealogists can use cartographic collections at The New York Public Library in their research, and how the Library is working to create new digital tools that foster genealogy research by making maps more accessible. Detailed Information:
Day: May 17th Start Time: 1:30pm EST
End Time: 2:30pm EST
Time Zones: EST

Speaker:Phillip Sutton

Philip Sutton is a reference librarian at The New York Public Library’s Irma and Paul Milstein Division of United States History, Local History, and Genealogy, where he also teaches and writes about genealogy and building history research.